Meet the Team

Tiffany Grandchamp

Founder/ CEO

"Be bold! That yearning, that relentless fire deep inside...listen to it. Life is too short to wait while you question yourself. Go for it!"

Anna Kleckner

Chief Operating Officer

“It really is never too late to follow your dreams. Do it for your daughters. You are enough…and you can be more”

Desiree Wallace

Principle Consultant

Desiree supports the empowerment of other women because she believes that when James Brown said it was a Man's world but would be nothing without a Woman, he was correct.

Aquila Collins

Principle Consultant

“My advice is to know your value and know your worth. If you have an opportunity to invest in yourself, run with it! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t invest in myself and pursue my graduate degree.”

Kim Vo


"...You can have it all. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because I’m always here to tell you that you can, and you will.”

Des Crane


For the vision to be taken seriously, the destination – or the goal – has to be attainable.  It’s your vision, so you need to determine the timing.  With your destination in focus, you need to describe who you are, what you do, and how you are going to get there.Ann Dunwoody



"I cannot say enough about the professional development gained from this program, as well as the network and relationships that are growing as a result. Leadership Development through Women Lifting Women is a great way to invest in yourself and your future. Your organization and your teams will thank you as well." Simone Brooks, Innovation Strategist