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Employee-led initiatives allow for a broader voice to contribute to change efforts surrounding DEI. We help you build the framework of staff-led DEI initiatives, in order to promote guided autonomy and equitable contributions of system-wide change.


We offer consulting services and program development services including:

-Organizational diagnostics with a DEI lens
-Strategy integration, alignment of DEI goals with strategic plans
-Strategy deployment, support of DEI initiative rollout and implementation 
-DEI sustainment and support.


From large-scale formal mentorship programs, to advisement on trends in mentorship models, we offer support on starting a mentorship program within your organization. We can advise and guide, or we can create the program for you!

Are you just starting on your DEI journey? Have you been on the journey for some time and need to refine your efforts? Our consultants have an entire suite of consulting services to support your DEI journey, at every step. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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