Meet The Team


Tiffany Grandchamp


Founder and CEO

Tiffany Grandchamp, MASL is the Founder and CEO of Women Lifting Women. She started the company with a desire to support women leaders and help elevate them in their role.

Tiffany has a diverse background in the not-for-profit industry that spans across clinical work, business operations, regulatory & compliance, performance improvement and Lean, and non-profit finance. Tiffany spent more than 20 years in health and human service, with the past 4-5 years in community health. She has vast experience in strategic planning, including strategic alignment and deployment.

Tiffany's greatest passion is developing leaders. She has an undergraduate and advanced degree in leadership studies and also studied Industrial & Organizational Psychology at the University of Liverpool. Her greatest joy is helping others.

Tiffany's advice to women is: Be bold! That yearning, that relentless fire deep inside...listen to it. Life is too short to question yourself. Go for it!


Anna Kleckner

Co-Founder & COO

Anna Kleckner, PhD, MPH, is a Principal Consultant at Women Lifting Women. Dr. Kleckner is an experienced business consultant, specializing in optimization and strategic planning, with advanced expertise in development and implementation of best practices. She enjoys creating operational efficiencies that maximize production, capacity and ROI by truly listening and understanding the needs of her customers, colleagues and team members.
Being a working mother (of daughters) sparked an interest in building and growing woman-identified leadership within the workplace and community. In 2018, she co-founded an affinity group to build awareness, alliance and capacity for women-selected candidates for leadership positions at her company. Anna continued to see “check box” approaches and no real, sustainable change. This experience, and her own marginalization, inspired Anna to join Women Lifting Women.

Anna’s advice to other women: “It really is never too late to follow your dreams. Do it for your daughters. You are enough…and you can be more”

Aquila Collins

Principal Consultant

Aquila Collins, MASL is a Principal Consultant at Women Lifting Women. She has spent her professional life in the Corporate Sector working at Allstate, Farmers Insurance, and Amazon. As a woman of color, Aquila knew she needed to stand out more than her peers to receive similar opportunities. In 2017, she decided to invest in herself and pursue a Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership to complement her BA in Organizational Leadership. Since graduating, Aquila has taken on a new leadership role at Amazon and joined Women Lifting Women as one of their first team members. In her free time, she volunteers as a Youth Leader at her local church and enjoys being a mom.

Aquila’s advice to other women: “My advice is to know your value and know your worth. If you have an opportunity to invest in yourself, run with it! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t invest in myself and pursue my graduate degree.”

Desiree Wallace

Principal Consultant

Desiree Wallace, MA, SHRM-SCP is a Principal Consultant of Women Lifting Women. She has worked 20+ years in the non-profit sector with experience in program development, process improvement and human resources. Desiree has worked 10 years as an independent consultant in areas of process improvement, leadership coaching, training and HR policy. 


Desiree has worked in partnership with both front-line employees and Executives to build effective teams and processes. She is known to be a collaborative, empathetic, and strategic problem-solver. Desiree holds certifications in human resources, project management, lean improvement, Prosci Change management and InsideOut Coaching. 


Desiree supports the empowerment of other women because she believes that when James Brown said it was a Man's world but would be nothing without a Woman, he was correct.


Kim Vo


Kim Vo is a Consultant at Women Lifting Women. She has worked in the real estate industry-primarily in affordable housing- for close to a decade. Kim enjoys helping others find their strengths, motivators, and the things what slows them down. She loves to teach others how to work smarter rather than harder, no matter what the work is. Kim leverages her current work in Human Resources to build synergies and effective communication between leadership and their teams.

Kim has seen how women are undervalued in all aspects of their life, and especially in their careers. She’s always looking for ways to help women find their worth and realize the potential that they have in this world. The opportunities for women are endless! Kim is currently attending St. Mary’s University in their accelerated MBA program. Her hobbies include volleyball, book clubs, traveling, eating, and making the most out of time because she hates wasting anything in life. 

Kim’s advice to other women: “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know. Be comfortable with asking questions because with knowledge comes power. Go for what you want. The worst that can happen is you hear the word ‘no’, but at least then you know if you should fight harder for what you want within that organization or pursue it elsewhere. You can have it all. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because I’m always here to tell you that you can, and you will.”